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Tim Baker

Raising a teen is no easy task, and Dorchester School District 2 is doing what it can to help parents through those challenging years.

The district is holding a free Parent & Community Summit on Saturday that will include workshops to help parents navigate the teen years.

"All of our students are at-risk in some way, shape or form," said district Superintendent Joe Pye. "They don't have to be bad in school. They don't have to be failing. At-risk takes all different kinds of shapes and forms and crosses over all kinds of lines."

About 300 middle and high school families who received invitations have signed up to attend, said district spokeswoman Pat Raynor.

"We have now opened it up to any parent in Dorchester County that would like to come and learn how to improve their skills at raising teenagers," she said. "Anyone that attends on Saturday will be touched."

The event also will include speaker Glenda Hatchett, former juvenile court judge and star of the syndicated "Judge Hatchett Show," and a panel discussion with members of the community.

Workshop topics include drugs and alcohol, bullying, teen violence, Internet dangers, homework help, school-home relations and more.

The event also includes information from local agencies that deal with at-risk children. Performances and door prizes will be featured and breakfast and lunch will be provided.

"We hope at the end of the day people will go home feeling better about what they are doing as a parent, with some answers and also some keys to unlock the confusion of everything going on in their child's life," Pye said.