SUMMERVILLE — Dorchester District 2 has promoted Linda Huffman to assistant superintendent of administration and personnel.

Superintendent Joe Pye said promoting Huffman, the current director of personnel, was a “no-brainer.” She has been with District 2 for 26 years, teaching at all levels. She served as director of staff development and teacher evaluation before becoming personnel director in 1999.

“There was a great selection of people, most who are with the district,” Pye said. “But Linda was the very best candidate. She’s in the district. She knows so many people. She lives in the community. Everybody knows Linda Huffman.”

Pye has not had an assistant superintendent since July 2010. The district has 23,500 students.

The district advertised for assistant superintendent positions several months ago and interviewed a number of candidates. The board approved the hiring after a returning from executive session at Tuesday’s board meeting.

“It’s an awesome responsibility to run a school district by yourself,” Pye said. “I needed somebody, and the bottom line is that it’s time we go ahead and hire someone, which the school board was going to support me in long ago.”