Donation can help single mother who is out of work

Maddie is a single mother raising two young daughters in an apartment in the West Ashley area. She worked in private-duty home health, but her hours were continually being cut until she had lost all the clients she had worked with for months.

She is seeking work with home health agencies, but at present, she has no income and she doesn't qualify for unemployment compensation. With rental assistance, Maddie has been able to avoid eviction, but her utility bills have become too high for her to keep up with while making just small payments.

Your generous donation can help a Good Cheer agency keep the lights on and the water flowing for this young family, making their holiday a brighter one.

Contributions to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army and Star Gospel Mission. There are no administrative costs involved and the agencies receive every cent of the money raised.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at Contributions received by noon Dec. 29 will be included in our final 2010 accounting on New Year's Eve.


In honor of all the men and women serving our country 50.00

Margarita Allston 50.00

Mrs. Claire Willett 50.00

Paul Nelson 100.00

Marianne Cawley 15.00

The McClellanville Civic Club 200.00

Alpha Circle of the King's Daughters and Sons 25.00

Joseph and Annette Mole 100.00

Capt. Michael and Kerri Collins 50.00

Kris and Diane Busch 50.00

John and Betsy Benzel 50.00

Tom and Marilyn Lavin 100.00

In honor of our mothers, our children, grandchildren and friends from Dan and Kathy 250.00

In joyful thanksgiving for Mary Banks, Beau and Anne Lewis High 100.00

In honor of family from Pat and Erin Mellen 50.00

With thanksgiving for Londa, Cindy and Stephanie from Gene 150.00

In honor of Brian Mill and David Diehl, from the Charleston Employees of Atlas Technologies Inc. 510.00

The Bradley Family 100.00

William and Diane Agee 50.00

Royall Hardware Inc. on behalf of valued customers: Randy Contractor; Palmetto Brewing Co. Inc.; Carolina Builders & Recon; Ronnie D. McKnight Services; Sam & Judy Lisi; Dr. George Durst Jr.; Marsh Harbor/Tolers Cove; Harbor Pointe Apts.; Brassfield & McBreairty; and Robert Smith 1,000.00

Ken, June, Katie and Kyle Stovall 100.00

Catherine O'Brien 50.00

Theodore and Lila Rapchick 49.00

With a grateful heart for my Heartstrings, Big and Small 250.00

In honor of my sister Sarabeth, from Lynda 25.00

In honor of Madison. Love, Mater and Pop Pop 50.00

In honor of the fans, staff and players of the Charleston Battery 2,500.00

In honor of the guests and staff of The Hampton Inn, Daniel Island 2,500.00

In honor of the customers and staff of McCrady's 2,500.00

In honor of the customers and staff of Queen Anne's Revenge Restaurant 2,500.00

In honor of the customers and staff of Husk Restaurant 2,500.00









Robert and Grace Walker 50.00

Roger and Lois Byrd 100.00

Claire and Billy Wertz 50.00

Tom and Bernice Crosby 50.00


My father, Seabrook Oliver, by Margaret O. Eads 20.00

Buddy Donald, Lewis Pickens, Al Johnston, Eddie Young, Bill Kulseth, Bill Wheeler, Jim Woods, Warren Lear, George Aimar and Bobby and France Varn 100.00

Louise and Walter Kruger Sr., Walter Kruger Jr., Lawrence Kruger, Larry Burmester, Victor and Peggy Salvo, Bob and Ursula Kaiser and Amanda Kaiser 100.00

Our loved ones, from Mac and Loretta, George and Pam and Doris and Everett 150.00

Our grandfather, Dr. Julian Thomas Buxton Jr., aka "HotDaddy," with love, Lallie, Leeza, Walker, Edward, Pearce, Lucy, Knox, Hughey and Julian 100.00

Mac Anderson, the best husband, father, grandfather and great- grandfather ever 100.00

Charles S. Sutton and Georgia M. Jordan 100.00

Risé Yon Carter 25.00

Corine Durr Hair 25.00

My parents, George H. and Ruth A. Petit 100.00

Mark B. Peeples, Lillian Lehrer and Maxwell Lehrer 30.00

My parents, Charles and Helen Wallace and Ben and Lola Hill, sister Betty Reeves and husband Ron Reeves. I love you. Joan 300.00

Eleanor Doscher by Ricky and Tina 1000.00

Our son Hank Witt Jr. 100.00

My late wife Candy Gast, RN, and thank you to everyone involved with the Good Cheer Fund from Dave Gast 100.00

My mom, Betty Taylor, grandmothers Ruth Stoppelbein and Katie Taylor, Vyonne & Julian Williams, and Doris DuVoisin 50.00

Max, Pepi, Jeffrey and Susan 50.00

Stoney and Vivian Hartin 400.00

E.H. Carraway Jr. 100.00

Our parents, Johnny and Mary Robinson, Earl Nelson and June Nelson Lollis 50.00

Johnny Robinson Jr., Robert Ray and Andrea Riols Crites 50.00

Bama from her son 100.00

Joan McIntyre 50.00

D.M. and Doris Thomas and William Treat 30.00

My loving wife, Helen E. Cook 50.00

Roy J. Dossat Sr. and S.V. and Lou Venia Robberson by Roy and Della 50.00

Josie van Gent Edell 50.00

Joseph Repetz Sr. and Joseph Repetz Jr. 50.00

Edward (Eddie) W. Duffy Sr., sadly missed by Nell, children and grandchildren 50.00

Our son, Billy 50.00

Baxter, Foxie, Sattie, BB and Rocky. Love, Meta and Charlie 100.00

Daniel S. Lesesne 50.00

John, Jean, Jessie and Helen 100.00

Booty, Matty and Lynn 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Gatch 50.00

My friend Peggy Shealy with love from Harriet 25.00

Frank and Mac 50.00

Lynda McKay and Ginnie McKay Hamby 100.00

Betty L. Croft 250.00

Helen E. Cook 25.00

Rocco and Sassy 100.00

My parents, Bill and Kay McDonald, from Barbara Melton 25.00

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Hawk Jr. 25.00

Sam and Betty Jones from Chuck and Flora Horne 100.00

Ann L. King, loving wife 100.00

Our daughter Stacy from Jan and Dick Bellotte 100.00

My parents William F. and Francina T. Cisa, Granny Cisa, Uncle Arthur, Uncle Joe and Uncle Russell 100.00

Our parents Bill and Elizabeth Clair and Tanny and Joan Budds 200.00

Our beloved son Scott from Randall and Diane 75.00

Our son Will and other loved ones from Walt and Sydney Haynes 300.00

Our beloved aunt Virgina Jahnz Neyle from The Carroll Family 1,000.00

Daddy, Henry A. Pettersen from Sonya O'Malley 20.00

Our fathers George Cracraft and Alec Heath, our best man Tommy Metecaud and the maestro Bill Becknell 100.00

Michael E. Murray from Sonya O'Malley 20.00

My parents, LK and Mary Simpson by Scott S. Blackmon 200.00

RoJo from the crew of Petrel 200.00

Bama and Grandaddy from Barbara, Morgan, Bissell, Thomas, Archie, Ashley, Rob, James, Fran, Sallie, Hattie, Liza, McLain, Annie, Michael, Baker, Locke and Cordes 100.00

Our dads William and Joseph 100.00

My father James, mother Nora, brother David, sister Mary, wife Erika, daughter Cathy and brother-in-law Dan by Tom O'Shaughnessy 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Conlon and Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Bischoff by Mary Frances and Richard 100.00

Rita Skinner Heidtman, Our Rita … My Blessing from Pat McAlister 50.00

Our C 250.00

Betsy McCrady Lesesne McAdams 1,000.00

The Ark Angels: Scrib & Jimmy Johnson, Louie the Bartender, Little Joe Aldret, Grumpy, Strawberry, Tiger, Mink Clair, Mack Bennett, Whiskey Willie, Famous Amos & Stumpy Curry, Big Big Davenport, Hack & Pappy Dupree, Big Frank Elliott, Scrambled Head, Bubba Goss, Flossy, Patty & Frank Grayson, Shakey Mahaffey, Archie & Peaches Jenkins, Mr. J., Horse Head, Laughing Lou, Mad Dog Madden, Real Charlie Moore, Baby Russell Nelson, Bumpy Nolte, Cherry, The Sheriff, Scotty, Roach Smith, Soupy, Gator, Sweet Lee Walsh, Super Doc & Curley Walton, Charleston Chuck, Stick Witham, Cat Woman, George & Gene Behlmer, Abby Bolchoz, Gene Bolchoz, Buddy Bowen, Herman Bowick, J.C. Calhoun, Roy Campbell, Lloyd Clayton, Chris Corontzes, John Dennis, Mr. Gillis, Rhett & Allen Grooms, Harold Jones, Maurice Hay, Warner Hetrick, Harold Hiott, Rudy Howell, Jake Leamond, Tommy Mitchum, Mr. Nash, Carl Nelson, Ottey Newton, Artie Orvin, Rod Patterson, Bernard Prox, Gary Pruitt, Jackie Ruff, Leo Simard, Shirley Simard, Bobby Smith, Walter Stafford, Herby Stienburg, Larry Weaver, Richard Wertz, Frankie White, Francis White and Tommy Yarborough from The Ark Lounge 730.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $26,169.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $197,587.43

YEAR TO DATE $223,756.43

LAST YEAR TO DATE $201,689.07