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The race between Sylleste Davis and Tom Fernandez is subject to a mandatory recount because there was less than 1 percent difference. Kathryn Ziesig/Staff

With less than 1 percent difference between the candidates and some issues reported on Election Day, the Republican ballots for House Seat 100 will be recounted Friday. 

Elections Director Adam Hammons said he doesn't expect the race between incumbent Sylleste Davis and newcomer Tom Fernandez to change much. Davis bested Fernandez by just 42 votes — 2,529 votes to 2,487 — in unofficial results.

There are only 19 provisional votes to be considered during certification on Thursday — not enough to change the outcome, Hammons said. A recount is required because of the small margin separating the two candidates. 

The voting was not without issues, Hammons said. Early Tuesday, some voters at Berkeley Intermediate School were given ballots without the House 100 race, he said. 

"People were casting their ballot and then telling the poll workers," Hammons said. "Once you do that, we can't give you another ballot because you've already voted. There is no way to get your vote back and give you another."

Even though it was the poll workers' mistake, the onus is on the voter to make sure he has the correct ballot, Hammons said. 

"Before you hit the button, you have to catch a poll worker and say you need something corrected," Hammons said. 

He and others from his office spent much of the day at the school after the mistake was discovered, he said. Hammons said he also spoke to both candidates. 

"We got the calls early that there was confusion over there," he said. "I think we’re talking about less than 20 people, but of course one voter is too many."

He acknowledged that talk of the error was rampant Wednesday on some Facebook pages, and said the issue will be addressed with the poll workers to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Davis said Wednesday she feels believes the situation was isolated and caught quickly. 

"I went to all the other polling places (in District 100) and didn't see any problems," she said. "I asked the poll workers about it and they all indicated that had not had that problem.

"I am comfortable with the process and with those in charge being very diligent," she said.

But Fernandez continued to question the "ballot trickery." He believes the issue was more widespread than reported. 

"It appears that there's been some human error," Fernandez said during a Facebook live video. "Then my phone started blowing up all day with people saying, 'You're not on the ballot, not on the ballot, not on the ballot.' " 

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