A Myrtle Beach designer was recognized by HGTV.com last week for her work on an eco-friendly house.

A house designed by Kimberly Grigg, who owns Knotting Hill Interiors, was the featured property on the HGTV.com blog "Design Happens," which weekly highlights a property that inspires the network's designers.

Grigg put several special features in the house, including a kitchen sink operated by a foot pedal and a mantel made from repurposed wood, in addition to using eco-friendly and energy-efficient products.

"This was a really special project," she said. "I had to come out of my box a little bit to find stuff that was green inspired."

Grigg photographed the house and put the information online where HGTV must have spotted it, she said. Since the house was featured on the website, her phones have been ringing continually.

"I never realized HGTV.com had such a presence," she said, adding that she is happy for the national publicity.

Environmentally friendly design is becoming more popular, Grigg said. "I don't think it's just a trend. I think it's a movement. Even in the marketplace itself we're seeing more products available."

The next step will be for prices on some of the eco-friendly materials, which tend to be more expensive, to drop, she said.