A Chinese restaurant worker was called to deliver food to a vacant apartment in Summerville Monday night, then robbed at gunpoint in the breezeway.

The holdup happened shortly after 9 p.m. at Sawbranch Apartments on Bacons Bridge Road, according to the incident report from Summerville police. The victim told police two men took $200 in cash.

The victim described the suspects as two light-skinned black males dressed in all black and wearing black masks. One of them pointed a black handgun and demanded all the victim’s money.

The manager was able to give police the phone number that was used to order food and another phone number that was later given as a contact number for the order.

A police dog tracked the suspects to the trail behind the apartments.

The manager told police a similar incident happened several weeks ago at Somerset Apartments, which are on Boone Hill Road.

The restaurant was not identified in the report.