Over the past few weeks, I have talked to two different customers who have had great success with one of the money-saving products that I wrote about at the beginning of the year: Aqueduct.

Aqueduct is a water-management product, also called a wetting agent.

The first customer who thanked me for introducing her to Aqueduct was dealing with a clay type soil. The first benefit she noticed was that areas that had stayed wet in the past seemed to dry out quicker. Aqueduct let the water go into the ground instead of sitting on the surface. She also noticed that the water that flowed over the curb after a rain now stayed on her lawn. For hours or even days after a rain, her neighbors' curb was wet while hers was dry.

Once the rains began to slow down, she began to notice the big savings in her pocketbook. She went from watering Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 30 minutes each zone down to Monday and Friday for 20 minutes a zone. In other words, she went from watering a total of 90 minutes down to 40 minutes. She cut her watering by more than half!

Because of the clay soil, she had lots of containers and hanging baskets for color plants and a small herb garden. These plants also needed far less water. In our brutal heat, some of her hanging baskets needed watering twice a day. Not anymore.

The other customer lives in a sandy soil area of the Lowcountry. He had a large dry area on a hill and an annual bed that always dried out; however, the annuals were in a watering zone with turf, so the turf was getting overwatered to keep the annuals alive.

Through the monthly use of Aqueduct, he was able to solve both problems without having to rework his irrigation system. He had been watering every day for 30 minutes and has cut his watering to three times a week. On last report, he was going to try to lower the minutes per watering. Another lowered water bill and another better-looking yard!

Less watering also means less disease and less expensive fungicides. This slow-release watering can save you money on your water bill, help fertilizer work better, lessen compaction, prevent runoff into stormwater drains that go to our marshes, grow deeper roots, develop healthier plants that can withstand stress better and, let me mention, again save you money!

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