'Cross-eyed Donnie' sought by police in connection with fatal shooting

Donyell Catrez Wright

Charleston police are looking for a Mount Pleasant man known as "Cross-eyed Donnie" in connection with a fatal shooting last week on Line Street.

An arrest warrant charges Donyell Catrez Wright, 26, with murder in the Friday shooting of Thomas Tony Shine at the Gadsden Green public housing complex.

Shine, 21, was found dead about 1:20 a.m. Friday inside his Line Street apartment. He had been shot through a screen door, police said.

According to the arrest warrant for Wright, about 10 minutes before the shooting, Shine had told witnesses that two people were looking at him like they wanted to harm him. He identified one of the men as "Donny," according to the arrest warrant.

"When Donny gets scared, his eyes get crossed," Shine said, according to the warrant. The warrant spells the suspect's nickname as "Donny" while the police's "wanted" flier spells it "Donnie."

Witnesses said Shine also gave a first name of the other man, but police have not yet identified a second suspect, according to police spokesman Charles Francis. Two men were seen riding away from the scene of the shooting on beach cruiser bicycles, the warrant said.

Wright, whose last known address was on Long Point Road, is 6 feet 3 inches tall, 175 pounds, with a tattoo on his arm that says "Donnie," according to the wanted flier. He is known to frequent the area near Gadsden Green and has used his brother's name, police said. His brother, Mark Anthony Wright, does not have a lazy eye, police said.

According to a criminal background check with the State Law Enforcement Division, Shine, the shooting victim, had been convicted of possession of marijuana and resisting arrest.

Wright has several convictions for misdemeanors, including trespassing and resisting arrest, but no felony conviction, according to SLED.