The Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public comment on two proposed docks that will be part of Magnolia Development's redevelopment project on the Ashley River in North Charleston.

Ashley II of Charleston LLC, owner of the 102-acre Ashley River Center site, applied for agency approval for the two docks July 20. The deadline for public comment is noon Monday.

One dock with a fixed pierhead will be for public use and will be much like the one at Waterfront Park in Charleston with covered and uncovered areas, said Cope Willis, project manager for Magnolia Development.

The other dock will be floating with 10 slips and will be use by residents of a condominium complex proposed for the redevelopment area around the old Baker Hospital near Cosgrove Avenue and Interstate 26.

The docks will not be built until infrastructure improvements such as roads and utilities are under way, Willis said. That won't occur until after environmental cleanup on part of the site is done. Cleanup, which was supposed to start this summer, probably won't begin until the latter part of the year because the final design process has not been submitted to environmental regulators for review, he said. The cleanup is expected to take up to 10 months to complete.

"After cleanup is done, we can begin infrastructure construction in earnest," Willis said.

The docks will be part of the area's redevelopment, which could include up to 2,800 residential units, hundreds of thousands of square feet for new offices, businesses, hotels and parks and as many as 7,000 parking spaces.