The College of Charleston finance committee has voted in favor of a 3.2 percent tuition increase. The recommendation will go before the full board on June 10.

The increase would be $312 for undergraduate students from South Carolina and $1,390 for students from out of state.

Graduate students would pay $344 more in state and $1,530 more out of state.

The increase would bring in-state undergraduate tuition over the $10,000 mark to $10,230. Out-of-state students would pay $26,694. For graduates, the tuitions would be $11,254 in state and $29,364 out of state.

The proposed hikes are similar to increases imposed for the school year just ended, and similar to increases proposed earlier this week for The Citadel cadets and graduate students.

The University of South Carolina and Clemson University have not yet released tuition proposals for the 2013-14 year.

Neither College of Charleston board Chairman Greg Padgett nor Budget and Finance Committee Chairman G. Lee Mikell returned calls Thursday asking for comment.

The 3 percent hike for in-state students also would comply with a request from state Sen. Hugh Leatherman, Senate Finance Committee chairman.

The General Assembly also is considering a 1 percent pay increase for state employees; that would include university employees.

The college’s Budget and Finance Committee vote will go to a formal Board of Trustees vote June 10. The committee comprises all board members.