The last day in her little apartment came Wednesday. She had been there two years, a single mom raising two toddlers near Spruill Avenue in North Charleston.

Then the economy slipped, her cashier job at the Scotchman in Mount Pleasant was cut, and Shatanna Davis figured she'd scratched by as long as she could.

She's moving back in with her parents on Johns Island.

Her mom gave her that name, Shatanna, after her favorite band, Santana. She and her husband don't mind their daughter coming home.

They prefer it, actually, with Davis trying to work, juggle schoolwork at Trident Technical College and look after a 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter.

Davis already had gotten rid of her apartment's cable TV and house phone. She started shopping at meat markets, looking for store-brand bargains and deals. Here's one she loves: Del Monte sweet peas, two cans for a dollar.

Davis worked at the Scotchman for 18 months, making $8.50 an hour. Now it's about $172 a week on unemployment, with those benefits being extended through March by Gov. Mark Sanford on Wednesday.

Something's better than nothing, she said. But it's not enough to keep her from moving home.

At 25, she thought she'd be done with school, maybe have a business degree from the College of Charleston. Even made that her New Year's resolution once.

Now she's got a new wish.

To save more money, to try to do better, to not end up in the employment office, looking for work like she was Wednesday.

"So if I go through a crisis like this again," she said, "I can keep going."