A Charleston police officer was injured late Tuesday when struck by a sport utility vehicle while directing traffic around an earlier wreck. The officer’s injuries were not life-threatenting, police spokesman Charles Francis said.

The incident took place about 9:10 p.m. at Folly and Fort Johnson roads on James Island. The officer was placed on a stretcher and taken from the scene by EMS, according to a Summerville woman who witnessed the accident.

Antoinette Weldon, who was driving Tuesday night from Folly Beach to her Dorchester County home, said she was waiting to make a turn when she saw the SUV approaching.

“He was speeding,” Weldon said of the SUV.

“The officer was trying to tell him to slow down or stop. He was flying so fast, and when he hit the officer it sounded like hit a vehicle, that’s how hard he hit him,” she said.

Other police were in the area, and a firetruck and personnel were nearby too. They rushed to the fallen officer, but would not let anyone else near.

Traffic on Folly Road was being detoured around the incident.