Snakebite victim goes home

Elizabeth Szala (Right) talks with her eight year old son, Zach at MUSC Children's Hospital Friday, December 23, 2011. Zach's condition was upgraded to good Friday from being bit twice by a Rattle Snake at Wanamaker County Park back on November 23, 2011.

It’s an especially happy New Year for one Goose Creek family.

Zach Szala, 8, went home from Medical University Hospital on Friday night.

Zach, the son of Elizabeth and Anthony Szala, had been in the hospital since Nov. 23, when he was bitten twice by a rattlesnake at Wannamaker County Park.

The venom caused temporary paralysis from the neck up and Zach spent more than three weeks in intensive care, where he was on a respirator and feeding tube.

Since Dec. 15, he has regained feeling in his face and is able to open his eyes, speak, and eat on his own.

At home, Zach chose to sleep on the family’s couch Friday night because he wanted to be near their Christmas tree.

“Everything is going well,” Anthony Szala said. “We are waiting to hear back from the hospital about the route they want to take about therapy, but until then, we are going to enjoy each other.”