Bob Ailstock

Birth date and place: March 1980 in Charleston.

Residence: Town of James Island.

Occupation: Artizom Frame Gallery downtown; photographer.

Education: Trident Technical College, College of Charleston.

A food I can't believe other people enjoy: Cauliflower.

Pet peeve: People with a sense of entitlement.

fAvorite Book: "A Confederacy of Dunces" by J.K. Toole.

Most fulfilling aspect of my job: Not wearing a suit.

A celebrity I have met: Actor Denver Pyle.

Favorite television show: "The Wire."

Something I like about Charleston: Oceanic proximity.

Something Charleston needs: A quality 24-hour diner.

Would I ever run for political office?: No, because telling people what they want to hear accomplishes nothing, and people only vote for politicians who have compromised their own beliefs in some way.

Historical event I would like to have witnessed: The Big Bang.

Favorite local place to eat: El Mercadito and Taqueria on Johns Island.

Celebrity I'd like to meet: Actress Jennifer Connelly.

A goal I have: Living off photography without doing weddings.