Yellow teeth lead to brush with law

A driver's yellow teeth prompted a police officer to search a car, where seven rocks of crack cocaine, a crack smoking pipe, an open bottle of alcohol and a suspended driver's license were found, according to a Charleston police report.

The car reportedly was stopped downtown July 24 due to an expired license tag.

The driver had a "yellowish tint to the middle of his front two teeth," which the report noted "is known to be ... a visible sign of crack/meth inhalation."

The driver faces drug charges and also was charged with driving under suspension and having an expired license tag, police said.

Oven cooks more than law allows

A counterfeit $50 bill, more than $1,400 of suspected drug money, cocaine residue and a microwave oven police believe was used to prepare crack cocaine were found when a car was searched in West Ashley, according to a police report.

A man arrested at the scene gave a false name and turned out to be wanted by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, a Charleston police report states.

Police said the car was parked facing the wrong way and partially in the road late July 23 in an area where recent shootings have taken place.

A 27-year-old man reportedly driving the car exited and tried to "distance himself from the vehicle" as police approached, the report states.

He and the car both had strong odors of marijuana, the report alleges.

The man, who had no ID on him, claimed to be parked in front of his aunt's home. But a woman who lives there said she didn't know him, the report states.

Police called in a drug-sniffing dog. As a search of the car began, the 27-year-old suspect stated, "There is a microwave in the trunk but it ain't mine," the report states.

The trunk and then the microwave were opened, and a white powdery residue that field-tested positive for cocaine was found in the appliance.

The currency, including the counterfeit money, was found in the center console, the report states.

The 27-year-old was charged with manufacturing cocaine base.

A sheriff's office warrant was served when the man's real name was determined.

Other charges are pending, police said.

Suspect tells cops, 'Crack is my job'

"Crack is my job," a drug suspect told a Charleston police officer who asked his occupation, according to a July 23 arrest report.

The report states that police learned that the 18-year-old man they were questioning on city housing property downtown was on trespass notice for the property.

He was charged with trespassing and, after being searched, also was found in possession of cocaine base.

The report states the suspect said, "If I had known that (the cocaine) was there, I would have smoked it already with the one I smoked just a few minutes ago."

His statement about crack being his job came when an officer filling out a jail booking sheet asked his occupation, the report states.

Cheating scandal papered over

A woman admitted to a deputy that she covered her husband's car with toilet paper with the word "cheater" written all over it, according to a Charleston County Sheriff's Office report.

Deputies were called to West Ashley on July 23 by the car's owner, who discovered the vandalism while he was "visiting a friend whom he did not want to identify," the report states.

The 50-year-old wife reportedly told the deputy she trashed his car because she knew he was seeing someone else, and she wanted him to know that she knew.

The woman promised to forgo further vandalism and to pursue her suspicions through family court, the report states.

Double payment rejected by shop

An alleged shoplifter offered to pay a store manager double for a freshly purloined item if police were not called, according to a report.

The manager refused the offer, according to a Charleston police report. The report states the incident happened July 17 at a King Street shop, where a woman walked out without paying for a rhinestone ring valued at $35.

The manager followed the woman outside, where the woman admitted to the theft and said she thought the ring was just too expensive to pay for, police reports say.

Police charged her with shoplifting.

Dumpster diving draws arrest

Crawling into a Dumpster and making a scene caused a 47-year-old woman to get arrested, according to a report.

Charleston police said West Ashley residents called July 17 about an allegedly drunken woman claiming to be looking for empty beer bottles in a Dumpster.

She was in a parking lot cursing the residents and drawing a crowd when an officer arrived, the report states. She was jailed on a charge of disorderly conduct.

2 men turn in theft suspect

Two men flagged down a Charleston police officer July 17 to say that a man riding in their car had just stolen some items from a grocery store, reports say.

The men said they drove the man in West Ashley to get some groceries. He came out seemingly empty-handed but in the car pulled out two rib-eye steak packages from his pants, the report states.

The report states that the store manager told them no one in the store was aware of the thefts. The merchandise was returned, and the suspect was placed on trespass notice, the report states.

Copper thieves strike twice

For the second time in a week, Charleston police were called to a Morrison Drive construction site concerning thefts of copper tubing worth about $14 a foot.

A 20-foot "stick" of copper, worth about $280, was missing and had been cut out of a wall when workers arrived July 15.

Another 20-foot roll was reported missing just one week earlier, the report states.

Burglar takes guns and tea

An intruder disturbed a West Ashley man's bed sheets and stole a loaded pistol and loaded shotgun and three bottles of green tea from the refrigerator, according to a Charleston police report.

The complainant told police the thefts happened while he was away during the day July 23. Entry may have been made by breaking a window pane and unlocking a back door, police said.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Charleston Police Department and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.