County Auditor Peggy Moseley's property tax bill took a leap in July.

County officials removed agricultural tax exemptions from 79 properties, including two parcels Moseley owns on Johns Island. They also upped the taxable value of her adjacent home.

Moseley owns two vacant lots off Exchange Landing Road, on which she has pine and pecan trees. The lots went from being valued at less than $8,800 to $58,000 each.

And her home went from being valued at $425,000 to $958,000. The county, however, has given her a $228,000 agricultural exemption because of a commercial crabbing operation on her dock.

The county uses aerial photos, income tax returns and site visits to decide if a property still has an agricultural use.

Moseley had lost her exemption during the 2005 reassessment and had to pay about $2,200 more that year in property taxes. She reapplied and was granted the exemption the following year.

The agricultural assessment break is available for South Carolina landowners who grow crops or timber on their land, or use it as part of a seafood-production business.