GOOSE CREEK -- Mr. Flap's Pawn Shop was open for business again Thursday, a day after a police raid.

The little cinderblock building at 115 N. Goose Creek Blvd. was the hub of a massive shoplifting ring, investigators say.

They are blaming the operation solely on the daughter of the owner, who is the widow of the man who called himself Mr. Flap.

The owner or other employees are not suspected, said Dan Moon, spokesman for the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office.

Felicia Sanders Smith, 44, was arrested at her house on West Butternut Road in Dorchester County on Wednesday and charged with receiving more than $10,000 worth of stolen goods.

That's the charge, although she is actually accused of receiving more than $100,000 of stolen merchandise.

She was released Wednesday night on a personal-recognizance bond.

Smith gave shoplifters a grocery list of items she wanted them to lift from stores, paid them a minimal amount and then sold the merchandise in the shop and on eBay, sheriff's Sgt. Bobby Schuler said.

She specialized in pet goods, such as flea and tick collars and expensive hair brushes, he said. She also bought and sold electronic items still in their packages, he said.

Authorities hauled boxes of stuff out of the shop and Smith's house Wednesday.

"You don't normally see pet supplies in a pawnshop," Schuler said.

He declined to say what name Smith used on eBay but said the site is being shut down.

At least half a dozen shoplifters will be arrested soon, Moon said. He didn't say when that would happen but said police have names.

The investigation started in January after a tip that shoplifters were working in Mount Pleasant, Town Police Detective John Byrd said. A confidential informant helped police track down the hub of the operation to the pawnshop in Goose Creek, he said.

The State Law Enforcement Division and Goose Creek Police Department also were involved.

Once the investigation is complete, authorities will try to return the merchandise to the stores from which it was stolen, Schuler said.