Revamped City Market has waiting list

The ceilings of the market sheds contain significantly more lighting, including hidden uplighting, and about three times as many fans to keep the place cool.

RAVENEL -- Authorities are still searching for a man and a car that have not been reported seen since a carjacking and assault took place Monday afternoon in Charleston County.

A woman told authorities a man who claimed to have a gun forced his way into her car about 5 p.m., and that she escaped after being grabbed by her neck and choked.

The 67-year-old victim was getting out of her car at her Savannah Highway residence, when a man approached, stuck an object against her back and said it was a gun. He ordered her to get into the passenger side of her car, and he got behind the wheel and drove the car away, a sheriff's report said.

The report said the suspect drove the car and victim down several roads before stopping on Hyde Park Road. The woman attempted to exit the vehicle but was grabbed by the neck. The man choked her and, the report said, "the victim stated she thought he was going to break her neck." The woman eventually was able to break away and flee on foot from the car. She declined treatment by EMS and did not want to go to a hospital, the report said.

Sheriff's Maj. Jim Brady said information about the car and suspect have been entered into the National Crime Information Computer.