A tip of the hat to five Citadel cadets who decided to spend their spring break not at the beach, but in a New Mexico desert.

The five seniors participated in a 26-mile marathon to pay tribute to World War II soldiers and fellow Citadel cadets who had gone before them. It was called the Bataan Memorial Death March sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The Citadel team participated in the “heavy” category, meaning each cadet was required to carry a 35-pound rucksack with non- perishable food items to be donated at the end of the race.

There was only one problem. When the rucksacks were weighed at the finish line, the cadets had underestimated their extra baggage. Their packs weighed 50 pounds, instead of 35.

Oh well, that explains why there was extra food to donate.

Had a wonderful conversation recently with two opera superstars who were visiting Charleston: Alfreda Burke and Rodrick Dixon. They were kind enough to come on the Comcast TV show, “In the News with The Post and Courier.” Burke is a powerful soprano. Dixon is a tenor with extraordinary range. The husband/wife team tours extensively in North America and Europe. They were in Charleston to raise money for The College of Charleston arts department.

They also took time to visit a couple of local schools to speak with students who probably don’t have opera music on their iPods.

Burke and Dixon often appear in concerts shown on public television. Both are engaging and passionate about opera being understood and embraced by younger audiences.

It’s hard to know what kind of impact a short visit like this can have on impressionable minds. The dynamic duo like to laugh, and it’s impossible not to fondly recall the title of a popular production both have performed called “Too Hot to Handel.” Hope they come back to Charleston again soon.

Will we see bicycles on the James Island connector again? Legislators could pass a bill allowing that to happen. Bicycles were prohibited on that stretch of highway from Charleston to James Island after a work vehicle struck and killed a bicyclist on his way to work one morning. Some believe the best route for those biking to the peninsula should be across two drawbridges. Others, though, believe that even though the traffic is moving much faster on the connector, it’s still a safer route for both motorists and cyclists.

Not sure this bill will even get out of committee and make it to a vote this late in the session.

Would we all be better served if our lawmakers would just save us from ourselves and ban texting while driving? That probably would make all of our roads safer.

Finally, our vocabulary continues to grow, thanks to technology. There’s an entire collection of words making its way into our daily lives surrounding the inability to make it without our devices. For instance, if you’re cut off from Internet access, you’ve experienced “discomgoogolation.” If you face a case of nomophobia, you have a fear of losing your cellphone.

A couple of other terms may also soon loom in your Lowcountry lexicon.

Ever dealt with the chronic Crosstown crick? It’s the pain in the neck brought on when exiting I-26.

And then, there’s this fairly new condition not yet fully researched at MUSC primarily because it contains too many letters. It’s called I’mjustsayin’oraphobia. It’s a fear of not getting the Monday paper.

I’m just sayin’…