SUMMERVILLE -- At scenic Hutchinson Square, in the heart of this town, cars get jolted.

It's the "speed bump" at the Norfolk-Southern railroad crossing on Main Street, where the road rises to rattle motorists across gouged-out timber ties, exposed spikes and track.

The town has gotten complaints, the rail company has gotten complaints, and Thursday a railroad crew will try to fix it.

That will cause a jolt of its own. Main Street, which is the busy U.S. Highway 17A, will be closed from at least 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"We scheduled it intentionally after (morning) rush hour is over, and hope to get it done before evening rush hour," Summerville police Sgt. Richard Peeples said.

Traffic will be detoured to Cedar Street at Richardson Avenue coming from the south and West First North Street coming from the north.

Four Summerville police officers will be assigned to handle traffic back-ups, and motorists are urged to detour on their own around town.

The crew will replace asphalt and the ties that run alongside the tracks, helping to level the road there. The wood ties will be replaced with PolySteel, a rubberized product, for a smoother ride and longer wear, said Robin Chapman, Norfolk Southern public relations manager.

For motorists, the Main Street work probably will be a welcome relief, said Charlie Miller, town planning director. But there's two ways to look at it, he said. The crossing is right where the road feeds to the period-piece downtown shopping block. For public safety, the rattly crossing "has been like a huge speed bump."