Santee Cooper to close 6 boat ramps

Santee Cooper will tempor- arily close six of its 21 public boat ramps on Lakes Marion and Moultrie beginning today.

The boat ramps will remain closed until lake levels rise enough to allow for safe use, a press release stated.

An additional 10 boat ramps have been placed on "launch at your own risk" status.

Santee Cooper officials said more landings could be closed if dry weather continues to cause water levels to drop.

The closed boat ramps in Berkeley County are General Moultrie Landing, Thornley Forest Landing, Russellville Landing and White Point Beach Landing. The others are along Lake Marion in Orangeburg and Sumter counties.

The cautionary ramps on Lake Moultrie are Hatchery Landing, West Dike Landing and Richardson Landing.

An updated list of all the landings is available at

Sumter deputies bust moonshine still

SUMTER — Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said his deputies have busted a still making moonshine in an underground bunker.

The sheriff said he has never seen anyone making moonshine inside a room.

Deputies said the still had ventilation and a water pump system, and the entrance was hidden with a piece of plywood and brush. Officers destroyed it with a backhoe.

One thing remained the same about the still: Sheriff's Captain Allen Dailey said he could smell it more than 500-feet away.

Deputies charged Matthew Dubose, 62, with manufacturing and possessing unlawful liquor. Court records show that he was convicted on similar charges in 1995 and 2003.