Blackbaud gift pushes 20-year total to $510,000

Since 1992, the management and staff at Blackbaud have made contributing to the Good Cheer Fund an annual tradition. They believe in serving the community in which they live and work -- and they put their money where their mouth is.

This year, the Good Cheer Fund is happy to announce the receipt of a $31,226.50 donation from the employees at Blackbaud and the company itself, bringing their 20-year total to an amazing $510,395.77. That is more than half a million dollars to help their less-fortunate neighbors in the Lowcountry.

"At Blackbaud, we believe that service to others makes the world a better place," said Marc E. Chardon, president and CEO of the Daniel Island-based company that supplies software and support services to nonprofit organizations. "This belief is very much a part of our history, our culture and is at the heart of everything we do. It can be seen, in particular, in our employees' dedication to their communities and work.

"Even though the economy has shown signs of improvement, this recovery is slow and uneven," he said. "Our social services agencies are doing their level best to meet the increased need for assistance, yet many in our community still go without food, shelter and clothing. We are reminded every day of how fortunate we are. I am especially proud to work with the wonderful people at Blackbaud who understand the importance of giving back to the communities we call home."

In addition, Blackbaud is a big supporter of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots drive, and this year donated 5,495 toys to that effort.

Blackbaud's generosity is much appreciated, but even the smallest donation can help someone in need, and there's still time to give this year. Contributions received by noon Thursday will be included in our final 2011 accounting on New Year's Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2012 Good Cheer Fund.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at


Blackbaud 31,226.50

72 Anson St. 200.00

Lawana's Team 1 122.00

Rich and Joy 100.00

In honor of Michael Richard Harrison from James Shannon Hurley 10.00

In honor of Emma Larsen Lesesne aka Mrs. Thomas P. Lesesne Jr. 100.00

Mrs. R.C. Smith 25.00

Alan and Peggy Todd 50.00

Garvin and Lucie Jones 50.00

Jan and Gavin Broadus 50.00

John and Lynda Leffler 100.00

In honor of Abigail Conklin 50.00

William and Julia Freeman 200.00

John and Elaine McVeigh 30.00

Mrs. Bailey's first grade at Blessed Sacrament School 25.00

Barbara T. Pack 30.00

In gratitude for Monsignor Steven Brovey 25.00

Outstanding Precept Teacher Nancy Martin 25.00

In thanksgiving for Susan Koester 25.00

Michael and Rosemarie Battaglia 75.00

Margaret Eads 25.00

Brew and Libby Hagood 250.00

The McClellanville Civic Club 200.00

Ervene Hiers 100.00

Thomas Mathis 50.00

Ann and Dale Watson 50.00

Paul E. Tinkler, Attorney at Law 200.00

Joann and Michael Lape 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren: Stephen Odom, Evan Rodwell, Shelby Rodwell, Ansley Rodwell, Kayla Iley and Watts Tisdale 150.00

Harold and Dorothy Arrighy 25.00

In honor of the unknown organ donor who made Lew's lung transplant possible. From the Aston family 100.00

In honor of my granddaughters Ashling, Lorelai and Mikaela from Nana Alice 100.00

In thanksgiving for our grandchildren Hutson, Chase, Caroline, Simons and Courtney 100.00

Charleston Charter Tripoly Group 225.00

In honor of Wheat and Doll 50.00

In honor of the Forsberg, Ferguson and Kaiser Families 40.00

The Colbert Family Fund at Coastal Community Foundation of SC, by recommendation of Evie and Stephen Colbert 10,000.00

With thanksgiving for our children and grandchildren from Bob and Liz Jeffries 100.00

To Charleston from Brigitte and Greg Sidwell 50.00

In honor of our wonderful nieces and nephews Colbert, Eliza, Lily, Rosie, Andrew and Burden 100.00

Gilbert 100.00

In honor of Paul M. Lynch, Esq. from Anne and Debbie 50.00

In lieu of Alan's gift from Mom 25.00

Kelsey and AJ from our penny collections 40.00

Brice, Scott, Elly, Granger and Caldwell 50.00

In honor of Colleen and Bucky Morris and their family from Ann and David Morris 100.00

In honor of Pam and Miles Hanckel and their family from Ann and David Morris 100.00

Robin, Patrick, Ian, McKenna and Riley Young 200.00

Joseph Bosco and Lynn Manfred 200.00

In honor of my sister Shayla Ashmore 50.00

In thanksgiving for the wonderful ministers and staff of First (Scots) Presbyterian from The Tarrants 100.00

Sharing our blessings from Bruce and Kathy 50.00













Billy and Priscilla Outlaw 250.00

Dr. Sue Wilds 50.00

Robert and Grace Walker 50.00

UK-Southwind Sailmakers Inc. 75.00


H. Exo Hilton 25.00

Mom and Dad 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Francis O. Dukes and Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Outlaw 250.00

Wm. Elliott Hutson and Al and Virginia Sikkema. Love, Hutson, Caroline and Allen 100.00

Aunt Sallie with love Frances, Julia, Jeanne, Anne McLeod, Annie, Richard and Sallie 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Whitemarsh Seabrook Smith Jr. 100.00

Nanney, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lawson Smith and Mr. Robert Easterlin Smith 100.00

Mr. Richard Woodward Hutson 100.00

Carlton. Love, your Godmother 50.00

Jeanne deSaussure Smith 50.00

Mary Lou and K.B. Graham 100.00

Joanny and Lowry Coe 100.00

Martha Jane Toole Harrison, Father Leon Joseph Hubacz, Mr. James Joseph Hurley, Deacon Joseph Clement Kemper, Nellie Martina Agnes McManus, Virgie Mae Padgett Sharp and Bishop Ernest Leo Unterkoefler from James Shannon Hurley 10.00

L. J. and Dorothy Rentz 25.00

Thomas P. Lesesne III 100.00

Catherine Gibbs Dixon, Richard Hemphill Tucker, Lou Kidder Gadsden and Lynda Hughes Wannamaker 100.00

A.S. Mc. and Baby A.S. Mc. Jr., B.S.A., Baby L.A.G., F.A. Mc. and H.B. Mc. 50.00

Muriel 50.00

Connie McKenzie 100.00

My husband Eddie Duffy and daughter Carmel Duffy 100.00

Jim, Bill and Cindy 100.00

The Charleston 9 100.00

Louis E. Storen Sr. and Michael F. Storen 50.00

My loving husband Roy Ducker and my loving son Lee Ducker 50.00

Doc and Lila and Joe and Kate 25.00

Sen. and Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, Olin D. "Bubba" Johnston and Vernon R. Scott Sr. with love Rip, Boo and Sallie D. 100.00

My husband Charlie Morrill 100.00

My wife Tina, my parents, my in-laws, relatives and friends from Frank P. DiFiglio 35.00

Eddie Duffy Sr. sadly missed by Nell, children and grandchildren 50.00

Our parents Bill and Elizabeth Clair and Tanny and Joan Budds 200.00

The Ark Angels: Scotty, Billy, Rod and Warner. Cheers! 100.00

Arden Lemon 100.00

William O. Hanahan Jr. 100.00

Dot Smith. Love, Paul 20.00

Julius Ray Ivester Sr. MD 100.00

Betty and Zaco Dantzler 200.00

Valery and Fred Crawford 200.00

John and Jamie Van Dorsten 25.00

Jimmy and Red Brogdon 50.00

Joan and Tanny Budds 50.00

Bob Bissey 50.00

Parents Hoyt A. and VivaNelle Goude 50.00

Special nephews Preston Hoyt Goude and Hoyt Alexander (Alex) Goude II 50.00

Col. Herbert L. Bridger 50.00

E.H. Carraway Jr. 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Stonestreet by Cooper, Martha and Scott Stonestreet 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Turner by Martha, Cooper and Scott Stonestreet 50.00

Mr. James A. "Jimmy" Thornley by Cooper and Martha Stonestreet 50.00

Mr. Gantt 175.00

Julian V. Brandt Jr. from Catherine B. Spencer 100.00

John L. Lavelle Sr., Louise Condon Lavelle and Joseph M. Lavelle 100.00

My brothers Vincent D. Adams Jr. and Jeffrey C. Adams 200.00

Ruth Rhoden Craven, Gene Glave, David Shelton and my brother Don Ray from Pat R. Ross 175.00

Capt. Jimmy Scott 100.00

Frank Cherry in thanksgiving for your God-given talent, your humor and your friendship 100.00

Our son Hank Witt Jr. 100.00

Anne Cameron Meacham 100.00

Kit Ayer, Christine Chandler and Emily Mount 50.00

MaMa and PawPaw Oliver and Granny and PaPa Tillman. Love, Ricky, Travis and Brett 25.00

Our PaPa Fred Tillman. Love, McKenzie, Cooper, Jessica, Carson and Reese 25.00

Fred, Skip, Tricia, Sandra and Gary 25.00

Emily Heyward Bennett 50.00

David C.R. Heisser 50.00

HE (Rachel Norwood) 100.00

Bob, Ursula and Amanda Kaiser 100.00

Avram Kronsberg 10.00

Sandy and Puck 25.00

My sister Cathy Brennan Mattox 100.00

Helen and Stephen Toth 100.00

Our parents Bill and Sue Knight 25.00

Michael Hamilton Rawl 100.00

Father Vern Mock, mother Beverly Ross and grandmother Frances Kousnetz from Kyle and Susan Mock 100.00

Big, Gramps, Henrietta Gaillard, Tom Alexander, Little Price Oulla and Katie Waring 50.00

John V. Sullivan, we miss you 25.00

Our mother Phyllis Haner 50.00

John R. Hopkins, Thomas Randall and Charles Cross 100.00

My late father the Rev. George W. Pritchard 100.00

My friends: William (Billy) Weeks and Mr. Tom Bass from D 40.00

Sam Ross 200.00

Jennifer Anne Clark from Mom, Dad and Bill 200.00

Anne C. Forsberg 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Booth Sr. 50.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $59,663.50

PREVIOUS TOTAL $217,628.79

YEAR TO DATE $277,292.29

LAST YEAR TO DATE $313,639.74