From raffles to Common Core standards to roads and bridges, many issues being discussed in Columbia affect Berkeley County residents, state legislators said Friday.

Seven of the county’s 11 state senators and representatives attended the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce’s annual legislative luncheon to discuss issues and answer questions. Attending were Sens. Paul Campbell and Sean Bennet and Reps. Joe Daning, Eddie Southard, Bill Crosby, Joe Jefferson and Samuel Rivers Jr.

“It’s extremely important for the delegation to get out and talk to the folks,” said Daning, chairman of the delegation.

Each spoke about topics that are important to them and that will be coming up in the weeks and months ahead, often ribbing each other.

“As the new guy, I had to get my list of what I was going to talk about approved by Sen. Campbell,” Bennett said. “He approved my list but then took every one of the items.”

The recurring issues were Medicaid expansion, the ethics bill and early voting, which will change absentee voting to allow people to vote nine days before an election.

“You have to consider that in my area ... there are a lot of seniors up there that don’t want to go stand in those lines,” Crosby said.

“So it’s better for them to go ahead and vote. What I’m telling them now, if this bill passes like it is and they only have nine days, I’m telling them to ask for curbside voting.”