You made your debut as Voice of The Citadel Bulldogs last week. Any nerves for your first broadcast, and how did it go?

"Definitely some nerves during the pregame show, but as it went on, I settled in. I hadn't done a football game in almost two years, but it was a great game and a pleasure to call. I might've been in the press box but I could feel that atmosphere. Pretty special and something I'll always remember."

Who were or are your broadcasting heroes? Who inspired you to get into this line of work?

"I've always been a huge fan of Vin Scully. It's tough to not get pulled into one of his broadcasts because he has an amazing delivery. As a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, I really enjoy Greg Brown's work. He is very enthusiastic and you can tell he loves what he does. Football-wise, I've got to stick with Pat Summerall and John Madden. Playing video games when I was younger and hearing those two got me really interested in calling games. I did some broadcasting in high school thanks to my history and government teacher Jim Zamagias. He was a great mentor and really helped me along the way."

You were the Voice of the RiverDogs. What's it like hitting the road with minor league baseball players?

"That's where I got to know all the guys. There is so much more time to relax and enjoy the other cities in the South Atlantic League. Some of the guys' stories about how they got to this point in their careers are just fascinating. I also liked learning little tidbits about each player and coach. That helped me personalize the broadcast for their families and friends listening. It was a lot of fun sharing that experience with them."

I would imagine that broadcasting football is much different from doing baseball games. What are the major adjustments you have to make?

"It's much faster. Baseball is so laid back and personal because of how conversational it is. You can paint a picture because there's a lot of time to kill. Football is much more reactionary and intense and the preparation is a lot different. There's not enough time to delve into every single player's background, but you still have to be ready to do so if the situation warrants. I'm also working with a color guy in (former Citadel athletic director) Walt Nadzak, so I need to make sure I give him ample time to describe the play and why something did or did not happen."

Who do you root for?

"Baseball, I'm a Pirates fan, always have been. They will have a winning record one day. College football, I pull for Notre Dame and Nebraska. My whole family are die-hard Golden Domers while the Nebraska fandom comes from my love of watching Tommie Frazier run the option in the 1990s. NFL, it's all about the Skins. They win just enough to keep me from going completely insane, but just like the Buccos, they will figure it out one of these days."

If I put your iPod on shuffle, what would I hear?

"A lot of '80s heavy metal. Something about a fierce guitar riff that gets you fired up."

Best sports book you've read?

" 'Friday Night Lights,' by Buzz Bissinger."

What is your dream job as a broadcaster?

"I'd like to be the Voice of Notre Dame football, the Washington Redskins or the Pittsburgh Pirates. I think the Pirates would be the most special to me if I was ever in position for it. To be behind the mic if and when they get to a World Series would be incredible."