SULLIVAN'S ISLAND — The aroma of smoked pork and chicken will replace the smell of burning tobacco at the longtime location of island watering hole Bert's Bar.

Bert's fought to have the town's smoking ban overturned, but lost after its lawyers presented arguments before the South Carolina Supreme Court.

The bar closed about a year ago after 30 years of burgers, rock bands and beer in a smoky atmosphere.

Fans considered it the quintessential beach dive.

Business had fallen off sharply after the smoking ban went into effect, Bert's owner Tim Runyon said, and when the rent was raised, Runyon decided it was time to move on.

Soon, it will be a new location for Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ. The owners said the change will happen sometime in early spring.

"We're renovating a building with great history, and our goal is to carry on the spirit of Bert's with emphasis on the community while providing a fun and lively place which locals can call their own," said Aaron Siegel, executive chef and owner.

The first Fiery Ron's is located on Ashley River Road. In addition to food, it offers nightly live music and beer.

The West Ashley location was born at the former location of Bunch's Gas Station, a tradition since the 1940s.

The island Fiery Ron's at 2209 Middle St. will be the restaurant's second location. "When the Bert's space became available, we knew it was a perfect place to expand our concept," Siegel said.

In addition to the island, Mount Pleasant and Charleston, among other municipalities, also banned indoor workplace smoking.