The South Carolina Aquarium is ready to release two sub-adult loggerhead sea turtles into the wild.

After more than a year of hospitalization, they will be discharged by the Sea Turtle Hospital at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Folly Beach County Park.

"Each turtle that we see is a different patient," said Beth Nathan, the aquarium's public relations manager.

"Both turtles received daily wound treatments, antibiotics and vitamin injections."

Nathan said the staff, the veterinarian and the sea turtle coordinator work hand in hand with the Natural Resources Department to both heal and release the turtles.

"Murrell" suffered two fractures on the top of its shell, most likely from a boat propeller incident, and "Little Pritchard" had a stingray's barb puncture in its right front flipper.

Nathan said hospital tours and the turtles' release are a good opportunity to see the nine patients up close and learn how sea turtles are threatened, and in some cases, endangered.

"The Department of Natural Resources' ultimate goal is to release these patients back into the wild so they can make an impact on the species, and hopefully, they can reproduce and add to these numbers," Nathan said.