The Coastal Conservation League made good on its threat of legal action against the town of Awendaw in an effort to stop development of 305 homes on 196 acres along Doar Road.

In May, Coastal Conservation League members said they would sue the town if its council approved a request to change zoning for the proposed gated community, Fenwick at Bulls Bay.

The council approved changing the zoning from agricultural to a planned development classification in July.

The league and three residents allege in a lawsuit that town officials failed to give adequate notice before holding a public hearing on the land's rezoning and that Town Council members failed to properly review development plans.

Arnold Jackson, who lives on Doar Road, said he agreed to be part of the suit because he's concerned about the development's number of homes and its proposed sewage treatment plant.

Fenwick's developer, Coastal Venture Group LLC, plans to build a septic system that includes spraying treated waste on berms near Doar Road.

"It would probably affect my groundwater," Jackson said.

Awendaw Town Council members discussed the response to the lawsuit in a closed session Thursday.

The suit claims that the town advertised the April 5 public hearing March 24, three days short of the required 15-day notice.

Town Attorney Dwayne Green said the April 5 notice was actually the second published and that he has the first notice in hand to prove it. As for the council's decision to rezone the property, Green said, the development fits in with the town's most recent comprehensive plan, calling for mixed-use developments at the town's center.

"If a developer thinks a lawsuit has merit, they will slow down or wait and see," Green said. "We don't feel that the lawsuit has merit."

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