One arrest was made Sunday after a holdup that netted an estimated $1,500 from a North Charleston store, police said.

The holdup at the Maxway store at 5341 Dorchester Road began about 7:45 p.m., when a man about 18 years old took some items to the check-out counter, according to a report. The man reportedly told the clerk something like: “Listen here, now listen, this is what’s up,” and motioned to his waistband, beneath his shirt, the report said.

The gesture seemed to indicate the robber had a gun, though no weapon was actually seen.

After giving the man all the money from the cash register, the clerk called over the intercom for another employee to bring more money from the office. The robber then left with the cash, the report said.

According to the report, a video made in the store appears to show a second man acting as a lookout for the man who pulled off the robbery. The second man exited the store just after the man who conducted the robbery.

Witnesses told police of a third man, wearing a red shirt and pacing outside in front of the store, who was thought to have been involved in the robbery as well, the report said.

Police arrested Shan Dontee Thomas Jr., 19, who is charged with armed robbery and being held at the Cannon Detention Center, according to the report.