Four people were arrested Tuesday after a James Island woman said they burst into her house and started beating her and a friend early Saturday.

Here’s what happened, according to a Charleston police report:

The woman and two friends (a man and a woman) were watching a movie shortly after midnight at her home on Blaze Lane when she heard a knock at the door. She cracked the door open and saw the father of her two children, who does not live with her. Police identified him as Robert Newman Baty III, 25, of Encampment Court on James Island.

Baty forced the door open, saying he had come for his children. He was followed by a woman identified as Erica Jordan Webb, 21, of Burnswick Drive on Johns Island. They were accompanied by five other men, who all entered the house without permission.

Two of the other men were later identified as Tony Ansel McCutcheon Jr., 21, of Rivers Point Row on James Island and Kyle Andrew Bobo, 21, of Pinnacle Lane on James Island.

The woman told police Baty pushed her down and Webb slapped her. Then she said McCutcheon pushed her down so Webb could keep hitting her.

The woman’s female friend said McCutcheon pushed her against a wall when she got up from the sofa, while Baty and several other men started beating the male friend. After a while Baty sat down and encouraged the others to “get your hits in,” she told police.

The male friend told police he didn’t know any of the men who hit him.

EMS was called to the house, but all the victims declined further treatment.

Baty, Webb, McCutcheon and Bobo were arrested and charged with first-degree burglary. They were released from the Charleston County jail on their own recognizance.