Another family from Flowertown is counting its blessings in the wake of the devastating Moore, Okla., tornado.

Summerville native Justin Aranda said his wife and kids sought the protection of a storm shelter at a neighbor’s house as the tornado approached.

He was at work 15 miles north of Moore.

“I’ll take a hurricane any day over a tornado,” he said.

Aranda, a mental health technician, said the effect of the storm goes beyond the physical damage.

“Everybody just kind of wears it on their face. It’s just kind of a look of shock and disbelief,” he said.

The Arandas live in Moore about a mile from the swath of total destruction cut by the twister. The electricity is back on, and some businesses are re-opening, he said.

“We walked away with our house and our lives,” he said.

They moved to Moore two years ago. His wife Shanna’s family is there. The couple have three children and they are expecting twins in September.

The twister also spared Ann and Israel Flores of Summerville, their three children and a newborn grandchild. Their house survived intact.

On Tuesday, Ann Flores, 41, described the terror of fleeing the house by car to seek shelter at Norman Regional Hospital.

“Being in the storm, driving away with it on my heels, was the most horrible feeling ever,” she said. “I was scared out of my mind.”

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