Alarm alerts police: Suspect charged with trafficking in cocaine

Shane D. Jenkins

North Charleston police said a burglar alarm led them to a man with more than 100 grams of cocaine in his pockets and an apartment with a sawed-off shotgun and more drugs inside.

The first officer responding to the tripped alarm at 4011 Niagra St. about 3:20 p.m. Monday saw a man exit the front door.

Here is what happened, according to an incident report released Tuesday:

The man attempted to run from the officer but fell. The officer deployed his Taser but it didn't work, allowing the suspect to scale a fence.

The officer fired the Taser again, this time striking the man in the back and buttocks. The suspect fell to the ground and kicked off his shorts as the officer ordered him to his stomach.

The officer used the Taser again as the suspect continued to resist. As he was placed in a patrol car, officers found two plastic bags containing a total of 103 grams of cocaine in the pockets of his shorts. They also recovered $48, a cell phone and a digital scale.

Police charged Shane D. Jenkins, 22, with trafficking in cocaine. Jenkins gave an address of Indian Street in Charleston.

Officers searched the house and recovered 7 grams of marijuana, 2 grams of cocaine and a sawed-off shotgun, they said.