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SUMMERVILLE -- An active-duty Air Force airman accused in the death of a local American living in Germany has been acquitted in the case.

Chris Matyszyk, 36, died Jan. 12, nearly two weeks after suffering a fatal punch to the face outside a pub in the German town of Landstuhl, near Ramstein.

His father, Don Matyszyk of Summerville, earlier this month had flown to Germany to attend the court martial of Airman 1st Class Franklin Lucas -- the man identified as throwing the punch. He faced a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Karen Matyszyk, the victim's mother, said Wednesday they were devastated by the results. "We're just in shock," she said. "It's like we were slapped in the face all over again."

Chris Matyszyk never awoke from a medically induced coma that was supposed to control the swelling around his brain. On the morning of Jan. 1, he was dumping the bar's New Year's Eve recyclables when he was hit.

The elder Matyszyk is a 30-year Air Force veteran who said he wanted to be at the trial for his son's sake.

Lucas had been assigned to Ramstein Air Base.