After further delay, tax bills ready

Peggy Moseley


Some conscientious Charleston County property owners went on an online wild goose chase Wednesday morning looking for their property tax bills.

County Auditor Peggy Moseley said Tuesday evening that property tax bills would be available online the following morning.

But the bills, which already were nearly two months behind schedule, weren't available to the public until 5:35 p.m. Wednesday.

The controversy has generated weeks of blame and finger-pointing. Moseley has said the problem was a new Manatron computer system and county officials who insisted on launching it before the tax bills went out.

Some County Council members have said Moseley was at fault.

The good news is that residents now can see and pay their bills online on the county's website at

Moseley said that when she arrived at work Wednesday morning, she learned that there was another glitch in the system. She could see the bills at her computer, but Manatron had turned off public access.

Her office now is preparing to mail out paper copies of the bills.

The deadline for payment without penalty is Jan. 17. For any questions on the website, taxpayers should contact the Treasurer's Office at 958-4360.