National safety

Los Angeles International Airport passengers wait for their bags to be scanned under tighter security Monday. Airports across the nation, including Charleston, were jammed as stricter screening measures were implemented after the attempted Christmas Day a

Polar Bear plungers won’t be the only things in the water with blue lips on New Year’s Day. Viciously stinging Portuguese man-of-wars, or “blue meanies,” are bobbing around out there too.

“Yes, there are,” said Jay Demeranville, of Ocean Surf Shop on Folly Beach, after surfing earlier this week.

The good news? With “mild” water temperatures in the 50s, it will take several minutes for uncontrolled violent shivering to set in, the first symptom of hypothermia. And it will take an hour or more for you to pass out.

Unfortunately, when you climb out of the chilling surf, the air is likely to feel colder, with a wind chill that might be in the 40s.

Ready to jump in?

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