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ParentsCare: A new beginning with hope

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Farewell 2020 and hello to change, after a whip-lash start with back-to-back negatives and positives. The year will indeed bring new and different efforts to stem the virus tide, heal the sick and financially aching, and move us toward what our new President calls building back. I’m trusting that it will be better. For all of us.

For me, this year is presenting a new and welcomed opportunity to continue to spread the word I’ve been spreading for the past 30 years: effective parenting is the most important job we will ever have. We have the privilege of raising adults, our next generations. I am pleased to be contributing some articles once a month for the Post and Courier Myrtle Beach & Georgetown Times. I am grateful for the chance to connect with you.

The name of this monthly get-together is ParentsCare. It’s also the name of my original company which is about Putting Parents and Children First Through Family Enrichment Programs. It is a teaching branch of still learning, inc., the educational company of Dr. Sally Z. Hare and myself. I call it ParentsCare because I care about parents, and I care about parents who care. I want you to know that you are valued, supported and cared for in your search to find effective and loving ways to raise your children. Of course, I care about children, too. In fact, they are my primary concern, because so many of them are not being nurtured and guided in ways that will lead them into adulthood free from unintentional childhood damage.

Almost all parents love their children and want the best for them. That’s not enough — the loving and the wanting. We have to know how to love them and how to help them find what’s best for them.

That’s my hope for what this monthly column will offer parents: some ways and means of giving the best of you to your children, leading them to successful lives now and yonder. It’s always a good time to gain knowledge that will help us grow as effective parents. But, now, after this year of unprecedented challenges, it’s even more important.

There is no question that our community, our county, our state and our country are in somewhat of a mess. Look at the statistics, read the newspapers, travel the net, or watch TV, and we see that we certainly do have some problems. As to what should we be doing and saying to our children about these times, here are some quick suggestions. I’ll offer more next time, and you can contact me with questions.

Discuss honestly and openly depending on the age and maturity. Younger children have difficulty separating reality from fantasy, but most children today can listen, ask good questions and have some sense of understanding. Maintain your routines as closely as you can. Productivity and purposefulness help channel anxious energy. Help others. Practice gratitude and concentrate on the things that are good and know that change will make things better. Appropriate responses are to name it, define it, and recognize feelings as real. Don’t try to fix, just be there with them and listen, listen, listen.

Our Country is strong. We will endure. I wrote this poem a few years back and it certainly seems to apply today.

Good Morning! I love the way a new day feels. Those few moments when Yesterday's memories are slept into a docile file for later.

When rest gives birth to new eyes that see a life with energy and hope and a chance to try again.

More next month. Until then,

Don’t lose heart!

Jim R. Rogers, M.Ed. Certified Family Life Educator, Parenting and Family Life Educator, still learning, org. Surfside Beach, SC., Author, The Incredible Importance of Effective Parenting: Plain Talk About Raising Children From a Concerned Field Worker.

Reach Nick Masuda at 843-607-0912. Follow him on Twitter at @nickmasudaphoto. 

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