risinghighRising High Café has been closed for more than a week, and there’s currently no indication the East Bay Street sandwich shop intends to re-open . “Those of us who work in the neighborhood miss it,” a reader writes. There’s a handwritten “closed” sign taped inside the restaurant’s door, and no person or voicemail system picked up numerous calls to the restaurant. Owner Cliff Lowder, who two years ago took over the business, did not return e-mail or cell phone messages. In 2010, Rising High moved into the strip mall at the corner of East Bay and Charlotte streets, immediately earning praise for its cold sandwiches and grilled panini. “If you haven’t  stopped into Rising High by now, you’re missing out,” Charleston Magazine advised its readers in a 2010 story covering “50 of Our Foodie Faves.” The restaurant last updated its social media three months ago, wishing its Facebook followers a “Happy Saturday!” on Nov. 2, 2013.