For the last month of school, my child’s teacher didn’t assign any work. When I asked about there being no grades, he said the last few weeks were difficult because with testing and non-instru…

The job of public school coach isn’t exactly a fertile breeding ground for lofty expectations. It is a thankless job. However, most coaches manage to do wonderful work. Many seem to have endless energy for what they do because they love the sport, enjoy helping kids, and thrive on competition.

The Fordham Institute released a follow-up study to their grade inflation report which showed that students of teachers with tough grading standards and high expectations scored much higher on those end-of-course exams than students whose teachers indulged in practices associated with grade inflation.

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I’ve learned that some teachers and schools are experimenting with “going gradeless,” eliminating grades from classrooms and concentrating on learning. It could help with students experiencing…

Now that she’s a teenager, my daughter is becoming unbearable: lots of sass, backtalk, and tantrums. Most of the time she’s fine, but when something doesn’t go her way, she gets an attitude. H…

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