On Thursday, Feb. 13, fifth-grade students at Charles Pinckney Elementary School competed in Round Two of the inaugural Shipmate Shake.

The school’s 266 fifth-graders competed in Round One “The Gaunlet” on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Students navigated among 10 stations. At each station they were given a scenario and within 60 seconds they had to respond to the judge. The judging panel rated the students based on their charisma, confidence, poise under pressure, common sense, eye contact and handshake.

The school administrators said it took four hours for all of the students to get through the stations.

Only 60 students moved on to Round Two, titled “The Teamwork Challenge” on Thursday. The Round Two judging panel spent 30 minutes with two groups of 30 students in the school’s Media Center. The students greeted the judges with firm handshakes, welcoming statements and big smiles.

Then they competed in a “Breakout EDU” Challenge in groups of five students. The judges were assigned to groups and ranked each student 1-5 on their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. All of the students in Round Two completed the “Breakout” within the 45 minutes allowed for the task.

On Thursday afternoon, after all of the morning tallies were calculated, 20 students were selected to move on to Round Three. Each of the finalists was given a celebratory certificate. Sterling Thorton was named the Shipmate Shake Round 2 Overall Top Winner and awarded a $15 Target gift card.

This week, Round Three and Four’s competitions will take place at off-campus locations. The locations of the competitions will remain a surprise to the students until they arrive. The top five students will compete in Round Four and the top finalist has the opportunity to compete at the National Amazing Shake competition in Atlanta at The Ron Clark Academy on April 17-19.

Charles Pinckney Elementary is the first CCSD school to compete in the Amazing Shake competition. The school’s administrators and staff members stated they are already planning to continue the event annually.

For more information about this national competition, visit ronclarkacademy.com/nationals.