Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Some students at Belle Hall Elementary School have made up their minds before they even reach middle school!

On Thursday, Feb. 27 at the Belle Hall annual Career Fair, students told me they wanted to be pilots, veterinarians, editors, basketball players, authors, chemical bio-engineers and teachers when they're older.

I was very impressed by the questions students asked about newspapers, copy-editing and how the Moultrie News staff determines which community events to feature. Some students said they've seen their grandparents and parents reading the newspaper. A few told me they loved reading and writing. Several students grabbed recent Moultrie News Sports sections off the table to learn about East Cooper athletes. Others asked about front page headlines and stuffed the papers into their bags to continue reading at home.

The school-to-career program featured tables set up with visual aids and professionals from area businesses. The students held informal discussions and observed what type of career each business offered as they travled from table to table in the R.L. Jones Recreational Department gymnasium next to the school.

"This is a great opportunity for students to learn about different careers at a young age," said Melinda Rosado, Belle Hall Elementary's school counselor.

The annual Career Fair gives the students a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the many job opportunities that exist in the Charleston area and beyond. The fair was split into a morning and afternoon session. 

Students enjoyed jump roping at the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department booth, sitting inside Mount Pleasant Police Department SPO Bryce Gregory's patrol car and speaking with Mount Pleasant Firefighters. They learned about planes from Boeing, talking to representatives from Google and listened to a dog's heartbeat. And there was much more for the students to learn and enjoy.

"It's great that our business volunteers bring such unique and fun ways to teach the students about their professions. Everyone enjoys the annual Career Fair," said Rhiannon Mansfield, Charleston County School District's Career & Technology Education Support Team's career specialist.