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Dear Liz,

I’m really concerned. There seems to be an “anti-mask” movement in our area. In fact, I’ve been “shamed” and ridiculed for wearing one in public! This happened to me twice as I entered two restaurants east of the Cooper for my pick-up order. What’s the deal with that?! Our cases are spiking and I insist on protecting myself and others.

Confused and angry! Dear “Confused and angry!”

I’m right with you and was ridiculed by a store manager in Mount Pleasant a few days ago who told me “COVID isn’t real, it’s fake news” and he was serious! It is very real to me. I’m grieving the death from COVID of my beloved friend and co-anchor Ed Carter. It hurt and also angered me. I’m disappointed that a mean spirit is in the air from some people. It makes no sense. I am so sorry you were disrespected this way. There is an issue with someone who intentionally would not only comply but be mean to someone who chooses to make a good choice. It is bullying and inappropriate. So, let love and wisdom prevail and continue to protect yourself and others for as long as necessary! Bravo!

Dear Liz,

What is up at Isle of Palms? I know you raised your family there as I did. We now live in Mount Pleasant and still love to visit the beach there. We have been shocked by the crowds who are not social distancing at all. And the parking situation is horrible. It breaks my heart and stresses my family out to not be able to enjoy our beloved beach. I am a former turtle team member and we always leave the beach better than we find it. Is there a rush of tourism or something? It’s not our “safe space” anymore!

Very sad. Dear “Very sad,”

I echo your sentiments. I too raised my family on Isle of Palms and was a tax-paying homeowner for 20 years. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place. I do understand that social distancing is very difficult to enforce. I do like that the IOP police do drive the beach, which can be a reminder to visitors. I know for us, I’ve found that very early or late in the day gives us a better chance for distancing and parking. I love and appreciate your respect for our beaches and the current residents. And thank you for watching over our precious sea turtles during your tenure there! From a psychological standpoint, it is important for each person to choose to be accountable for our own attitude and behavior. We can truly only control ourselves and supervise and teach our children to be respectful. It is important to change our expectations to be realistic at this very sensitive and difficult time in our country. My prayer is we will each choose to be kind, respectful and be our brothers’ keeper. (Without expecting your control.) Try to adjust your beach time to better times, and outgoing tides so there is more physical room on the beach! We will get through this.

Contact Liz via Liz Brisacher Sharp is a Master degree level Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice with 35 years experience in mental health.


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