Someone once said dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole. A writer wrote, “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”

It is clear to even the most casual of observers that South Carolina is a conservative stronghold. However, the Palmetto State is set apart from its southeastern counterparts in the way conser…

Our natural inclination is to draw back from strangers. Relatives are strangers until we invite them to take a special place in our lives. A warm embrace is an important way of doing that. Teaching children to accept their relative’s physical affection is teaching them that they’re part of a family.

The proliferation of electronic, aka digital ways, will continue. We’ll be forced to websites more and more. I don’t see any slowdown in the use of plastic bottles, jugs, and containers of all kinds either. 

Ginger-haired, stocky, raconteur wild game chef Frank Beckham was holding court outside Bell Baruch’s posh equine residence.

Today I have one heartfelt plea. As we surpass 10,000 COVID-19 cases in South Carolina it does not take much to see that the transmission in our state, and in our own community, is serious. Very, very serious. 

I visit old cemeteries quite a bit. Lest you think death thoughts consume me, understand that readers tell me of near-forgotten cemeteries. It’s my duty to visit them. I find them photogenic a…

All citizens in the Lowcountry have a vested interest in the coastline, the environment, and the infrastructure. What they don’t have is too terribly much in common with the furthest ends of these districts as they’re drawn currently. 

Misinformation has spread across the internet much like the virus spread across the world, infecting people with lies, unfounded fears and promoting the idea that “freedom” involves ignoring common sense measures to stop a pandemic. There is a simple, easy, and free method to make things better. The truth. 

Even in death they cling to dignity. Left to rust, they bless the rare visitor with awe and mystery. Just how did old trucks and cars end up in a cemetery of sorts, “the graveyard of the ruste…

Less than half of South Carolina residents above the age of 12 are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The actual number at present is 48.8 percent who have received one vaccine shot, and 43 pe…

After Mom died, my sisters and I began to go through her and Dad’s belongings. Quite a task that surprised, amused, and puzzled us. Lots of “stuff.” Our parents grew up in the shadow of the Gr…

For the last month of school, my child’s teacher didn’t assign any work. When I asked about there being no grades, he said the last few weeks were difficult because with testing and non-instru…

Two things happened this week that really made me feel my age, and surprisingly neither involved my back hurting.

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