The job of public school coach isn’t exactly a fertile breeding ground for lofty expectations. It is a thankless job. However, most coaches manage to do wonderful work. Many seem to have endless energy for what they do because they love the sport, enjoy helping kids, and thrive on competition.

The Fordham Institute released a follow-up study to their grade inflation report which showed that students of teachers with tough grading standards and high expectations scored much higher on those end-of-course exams than students whose teachers indulged in practices associated with grade inflation.

Many tell me how difficult they find writing to be. Well, they speak the truth. It’s difficult to write at a high level, and that’s why while watching Ken Burn’s documentary on Ernest Hemingwa…

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I wrote a while back about getting a new trash can that has an automated lid that opens when you wave your hand over it.

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As I may have mentioned before, I find careless discarding of shopping carts in grocery store problems a bit of a problem.

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Vaccinations for COVID-19 are here, although still often difficult to schedule. Things are getting better slowly. This does not mean the pandemic is over, however.

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Eighteen years ago, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my second child, and only son. Our daughter was two years old at the time, and Patrick Whitfield Gibbons was on his way to complete th…

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After we did all the adapting to the Covid-19 lock downs and limitations and “hunkered down” at home. That lifestyle became safe and predictable, especially in light of the chaos and unknown. And now, we are faced with negotiating another change — re-entry!

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