Jim Owens suspends re-election campaign for Mount Pleasant Town Council

Mount Pleasant Town Councilmember Jim Owens announced via email to the Moultrie News on Oct. 9 that he has decided to suspend his campaign for re-election this fall.

His email stated:

"To the citizens of Mount Pleasant: I announced my decision to run for town council in 2015 in the Moultrie News and again in 2019, therefore it’s only fitting that here, I announce with a heavy heart but with great pride my decision to suspend my campaign. I ran for council in 2015 on a platform of personal goals, specifically geared toward leaving my town in a better condition than I found it. I believe I have accomplished my goals and am satisfied with the results. I also ran to bring about unity and healing to my hometown, but the division, dissension and rampant contempt on social media makes it nearly impossible for me to barely recognize the wholesome, welcoming and giving town where I grew up. What most folks don’t realize is that council members cannot achieve our goals without the smart, hard-working staff of this town. Whether they’re citizens of this town or not, they come in each day and work diligently to ensure this town is at its best. I thank each and every one of them from our public services, police, fire, finance and recreation to the legal department who has assisted me and this current council with many worthwhile achievements. Our town staff is like a library of resources where assistance is sought and answers are found. 

"Being a councilmember can take a tremendous amount of time and energy when you do things wholeheartedly, and I believe it’s now time for me to devote all of my time and energy towards my family and professions. Being on council had many hurdles, although it was a blessing and rewarding to serve the citizens of Mount Pleasant. My sincere hope is that your new council will work together toward the common good for the constituents they serve and make a positive difference for our Town.

"I want to thank you, the great citizens of this town, for your encouragement and support, as well as your spirited and heartfelt debates with me over the last several years and hope that you continue to support your newly elected council representatives and hopefully get involved with your town governance in some form of public service. It was truly a great honor and opportunity to be part of the operations within the town and to affect productive change where needed.

"Therefore, it is with tremendous gratitude and appreciation that I leave this chapter of my life behind. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to serve this great town during the last four years. The good things that I was involved with and the staff, who made it possible, will be a part of my life forever. God bless you all. " -Jim Owens, Mount Pleasant Town Council

More information about candidates running in the Nov. 5 Mount Pleasant election can be found at moultrienews.com/news/politics and in the 2019 Election section that will run in the Moultrie News on Oct. 23.

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