IOP lifts 'Keep It Moving' restriction on beach

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The Isle of Palms City Council held an emergency city council meeting Friday, May 8 at 2 p.m. and made adjustments to current restrictions. During the meeting the council discussed a recommendations from the Short Term Rental and Hotel Phased Re-Opening Task Force to consider measures to protect the citizens of the Isle of Palms.

City council took the following actions:

  • Revoked the "Keep It Moving" policy on the beach.
    • Gatherings of more than three people are still prohibited, unless they are family members who live in the same household. 
  • Check-ins of short term rentals, hotels and other overnight accommodations will be allowed starting on Wednesday, May 13. 
    • Effective May 13, short-term rentals and accommodations businesses shall implement all reasonable steps to comply with applicable Governor’s Executive Orders, sanitation guidelines, including future guidelines, promulgated by the CDC, DHEC, or any other state or federal public health official, including but not limited to measures outlined in this document.

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