Charleston School of Law dean Andy Abrams to retire in 2020, will remain on faculty

Longtime Charleston School of Law dean Andy Abrams will retire from his leadership position at the end of the academic year in May 2020, the school announced Monday. He will remain on the faculty as as dean emeritus and will return to the classroom and resume his teaching on a full-time basis as a professor of law.

“I consider myself incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve the Charleston School of Law as its dean for the past 12 years,” said Abrams, who joined the school’s faculty in 2005. “I am deeply humbled and appreciative of the unqualified trust and support that everyone has provided me throughout, and I am most proud of the outstanding graduates we have produced since that first graduation back in 2007.

Charleston School of Law president Ed Bell said he's been lucky to have Abrams’ leadership.

“This school could not be as successful as it has been without the steady hand and guidance of Andy Abrams,” Bell said. “Andy has been able to improve the lives of thousands of young attorneys, and done so with poise and professionalism, something our school strives to imprint on students.”

Bell said the faculty would lead a search for a new dean.

“According to the requirements of the American Bar Association, the faculty will now institute a search for a new dean,” Bell said. “We’re excited about that prospect and we’re glad Dean Abrams will be here to help the transition.”

Abrams said the school, founded in 2004, is continuing to grow and improve.

“Clearly, the law school is now on an upward trajectory,” he said. “So as gratifying as it is to look back on what we have done, it is even more exciting to consider what we can do − to envision the limitless possibilities that the future holds in store for all of us associated with the Charleston School of Law, as together we work to make an enduring impact on the lives of the individuals and communities we serve.”

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