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Police Blotter - Officers find naked suspect yelling, swimming in swamp

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Wrong house

Officers arrived at a home in response to suspicious activity. The officer spoke with the victim who said he heard a noise outside in the early morning hours. At first he thought it was a raccoon but about 5 minutes later, he thought he should check his cameras. The man said on the cameras he saw a male wearing khaki shorts and no shirt walking around his property. The victim said the suspect appeared to be intoxicated. The suspect tried turning the door handles on each door trying to get into the house. The victim turned the lights on in his driveway and the suspect ran down the road. The man said he decided when he woke up he would file a police report.

The officer watched the footage and observed what the victim had described. There was no damage to the property. The victim wanted a report made in case other neighbors reported anything. The man said he’d send the officer the camera footage so a be-on-the-lookout alert could be made and the footage placed into evidence. The man was advised of additional home security measures he could take if desired.

Man in swamp

Officers arrived at a home in Mount Pleasant for a call about a man running around naked knocking down trash cans. The officers patrolled the area and heard screaming coming from a path located behind the neighborhood. They proceeded to patrol on foot and could hear the suspect yelling, “Come and get it boy.”

The officer shined a flashlight in the area where the screaming was coming from and located the man completely naked and only wearing shoes. The suspect was standing on an edge of a swampy area that the officers could not get to safely, according to the report.

The officers instructed the man to come toward the sound of their voice. He continued to scream the same statement repeatedly and began swimming in the swampy area. The man then picked up a stick and began swinging it around. Eventually, he got out of the pond and started to run toward the officers in an aggressive manner. They detained the suspect and placed him into handcuffs.

The officer requested EMS to respond to evaluate the man since he wasn’t making much sense. The man was having difficulty staying awake and could not tell the officers his name, if he had been drinking or if he had consumed any narcotics. The man’s eyes were not responding appropriately to light and his temperament would change rapidly, according to the report. The man was provided a towel to cover himself by an officer and sat on the ground until EMS evaluated him. They arrived and said he needed to be transported to the hospital. The officers were told the suspect had damaged a vehicle nearby with a trash can. The owner of the vehicle told the officers she wanted to press charges for the damage.

EMS transported the man to the hospital with police officers following. The officer in the hospital room requested another officer when the suspect became irate. The suspect had kicked one of the hospital security guards in the head. The guard said he was okay but asked to press charges. Since the suspect was kicking and screaming, doctors gave him a dose an anti-psychotic. The man began yelling racist comments at the security guard.

Another officer arrived and they restrained the suspect in the bed where he would not be able to hurt additional hospital staff. The guard gave the officers a written statement.

The hospital asked that the suspect stay for evaluation. The officers issued him citations for malicious injury to real property, drunkenness in public and assault and battery 3rd. The officer attempted to wake the suspect three times to advise of his court location, date and time but he would not wake up due to the medicine provided to him. All tickets and information was read aloud to the suspect on body camera. The tickets were placed on his discharge clipboard.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.

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