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Police Blotter - Officer finds couple smoking a joint on a bench behind a hotel

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Boyfriend no-show

An officer arrived at a bar on Shem Creek in reference to an intoxicated woman standing by her car. The officer spoke with the suspect who said she was planning on meeting her boyfriend at the bar but he never showed up.The woman said she had a few drinks and was going to leave. The officer observed an alcoholic beverage sitting on the backseat of her car and it was running. The officer told the suspect in order to leave, he was going to run her through Standardized Field Sobriety Test to make sure she was okay to drive. The woman could not follow the directions therefore the officer couldn’t properly conduct the test, according to the report. The officer advised she arrange a ride so she could safely get back to her hotel. Her boyfriend arrived on scene and they left the area together.

Parking lot party

Two officers arrived at a store parking lot to assist two other officers with a drunk suspect. A man was sitting on the pavement speaking to the police when they arrived. The suspect appeared to be heavily intoxicated and was swaying while he sat and was slurring his words while he spoke.

The officers asked for his license so they could identify the suspect. He gave them his ID and told the officers he had been homeless in the area for several months. He said a nearby restaurant owner had allowed him to sleep on the porch. When asked how much he’d been drinking, the man said he’d only had one beer. However when officers completed a consented search of his bag, they retrieved a fifth of vodka which had only on-third of alcohol left in it. There was also a second full fifth of vodka in the bag. They also found three bottles of medication prescribed to the man.

They asked if he had any family to pick him up to take him somewhere safe for the day. The man informed the officers he had a brother in Florida, but that was it. Due to his impairment and not being able to contact anyone to ensure his safety, he was placed under arrest for Drunkenness in Public. The officers placed him into handcuffs, conducted a search of his person and placed him into a vehicle for transport. The man’s belongings that would not be accepted at the jail were left at the porch of the nearby restaurant at his request. The man’s medication, money and empty bags were transported with him to the detention center. They issued him a citation and gave him a court date. He was informed he would be required to attend.

Joint bust

An officer was patrolling by a hotel in Mount Pleasant when he detected the odor of marijuana. He noticed two individuals sitting on a bench overlooking the pond near the back of the hotel. The officer observed the two passing a brown blunt back and forth. The officer approached them and as he made his presence known, the man on the bench stated,”Oh F#!%.”

The officer notified dispatch to send another unit. The officer obtained information on both individuals and seized the blunt containing green plant material. They told the officer they were in town for vacation from North Carolina. The second officer arrived. They searched the male and female and did not find any additional contraband. The 1 gram marijuana blunt was seized and submitted into evidence for destruction at the police station.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.

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