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Moultrie News announces new editor

Kenna Coe

Kenna Coe

Knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up might not be all that it’s chalked up to be. That’s what Kenna Coe, the new editor at the Moultrie News, concludes after feeling that uncertainty growing up.

If someone told her she would be the editor of a weekly newspaper in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, two years after graduating college, she would have been curious to see that story unfold. In a similar way, that’s what drew her to storytelling – hearing how people end up where they are.

“It might take heartache, uncertainty and periods of waiting, but recalling those journeys often creates quite a story,” she said.

Coe enjoys sitting down and hearing those stories from people in the East Cooper community. As a reporter for the Moultrie News for the last 15 months, she has written over 250 articles. Many of those articles informed the community about what was going on, such as upcoming events, Mount Pleasant Town Council updates, community projects and COVID-19 related news.

Another significant portion of her job was telling the stories that define the heartbeat of the community – from military veterans recalling their time in the service for the Tales of Valor series to middle school students using their STEM knowledge to modify ride-on vehicles for children with disabilities. These are the types of interviews that resonated with her the most.

“Watching someone’s face light up, seeing them get emotional or hearing the excitement in their voice is something incredible to be a part of,” Coe said.

In a way, hearing about the passions of others became a passion of hers.

Growing up, her first career choice as a toddler was to be a “dump truck driver.” She actually meant an excavator operator because she enjoyed observing them move dirt at construction sites from a car window. The aspirations became less realistic, such as a popstar, professional soccer player and fashion designer. (However, sewing is one of her hobbies, so fashion designer might still be in the cards).

She was always envious of people who knew exactly what they wanted to do. Her dad is a prime example of that. He knew he wanted to be a dentist when he was a kid, so he went to dental school, opened a practice north of Atlanta and loved doing dentistry until his retirement after 37 years.

Throughout high school, she enjoyed a variety of subjects, but something kept drawing her to writing. However, her decision to study journalism in college was more of a process of elimination.

“Most of the time students choose their major, but I eliminated all of the ones I didn’t want and ended up with journalism,” Coe said.

Checking that small box on the University of South Carolina’s application was more significant than she thought at the time. As she started interviewing and writing in college, she felt like it was a natural fit for her.

She realized that having many interests is a strength in journalism because it produces curiosity. Being a general assignment reporter for the Moultrie News has proven that to be true.

Each day on the job looked a little different as a reporter – one morning she was on the beach at the crack of dawn to help the Turtle Team search for loggerhead sea turtle tracks, while other evenings were spent at town council meetings hearing about the newest developments. Even subjects she didn’t think she would be interested in, such as road projects, have become some of the most interesting stories to cover.

Originally from Georgia, Coe has made South Carolina her home after earning a journalism degree from the University of South Carolina and making her way to the coast to start her career. She feels fortunate to live near the water – even driving across the Ravenel Bridge or near the marsh during her typical commute remains special. She loves all Mount Pleasant has to offer in terms of nature, which she has shared in Moultrie News’ recent “A Walk in the Park” series. After work, Coe can be found at a yoga class or barre workout and the sunny weekends are reserved for the beach or outdoor dining.

Coe is thankful for all of the support from her family. Even though her parents live in Atlanta and her older sister is in Europe, they still get excited to read her articles and see her name in print, which means a lot to her.

As the editor of the Moultrie News, she is looking forward to continue sharing the stories that define the Mount Pleasant community. She loves hearing ideas from community members, so don’t hesitate to reach out by email at