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  • 267,900 unique visitors per month (March-May 2018, three month average)
  • 357,747 pageviews per month (March-May 2018, three month average)
  • Growing audience in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • The Moultrie News core brands touch more than 59,000 different people every month.
              Source:  2018 Google Analytics

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MUSC Catalyst

  • MUSC Catalyst publishes 4,800 printed newsletters about MUSC
  • The newsletter is placed on the MUSC Web Site.
  • The newsletter is available to 11,000 employees and 2,700 students at MUSC.
  • The newsletter is placed in doctors' offices, clinics, and public areas making it available to staff, students, patients and visitors.

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For rate information contact Hugh Shirley or call (843) 958-7489.