A Flair for Food 

Mom to twin girls Ruby and Harper, Angel Powell is the founder and president of South City Public Relations based in Charleston. She's been living in the depths of the food industry for decades now and she still loves her work. We asked about her noshing go-tos. Here's what she had to say.  

1) What's your favorite place to grab a quick dinner with the kids?
The girls and I adore Purlieu. They get kid burgers with tiny ketchup bottles and they're set, and I get a lovely glass of wine and salmon toast or the chicken entree. It's the best.  
2) What's an easy weeknight meal to make at home with the kids?
I make Rishia Zimmern's chicken thighs with shallots all of the time. I found the recipe in The New York Times a few years ago and now it's something we eat at least a couple of times a month. I'm also a big baker so there's always bread or dessert baking at my house.  
3) What's your ideal date night spot in Charleston?
Either Chez Nous or The Ordinary - I'm obsessed with both.  
4) What's your favorite place to grab a cocktail for a girl's night out?
I adore Harold's Cabin. The people are so friendly and the drinks are great. I really feel like it's just an extension of my living room.  
5) What cities rival Charleston in food culture?  
I'm a big fan of Nashville and I think the cities have some similarities in their food scenes. My favorite Nashville chef, Matt Bolus, moved to Nashville from Charleston. 
6) What's the best place when the kids (and you) are craving something sweet?
We are suckers for the milkshakes at Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop.