BRIGHAM COLUMN: Pregnancy and space invaders

Photo by Shannon Brigham This cute little fellow, Keenan Millar, 1, of Mount Pleasant flirted and smiled with me while I was taking photos of his mom Jennifer, while she was leading other moms in a work out through her company Stroller Strides. I couldn’t resist taking his photo.

This month is always one of my favorite issues because it is about babies!

While putting this issue together, I talked to many soon-to-be and recent moms and while listening to them, so many memories of my own pregnancy flood back.

One of my favorite stories to tell is when I was about eight months pregnant, and extremely uncomfortable, grumpy and irritable. It was more than 100 degrees in Florida with enough humidity to put out a flaming oil rig. I was expanding like the sun and hadn’t slept in weeks. I was beyond ready to deliver him myself...

While standing in line at the grocery store on one of these memorable afternoons – let’s call her an ‘older’ woman - strolled right up to me, smiled, and before I knew it, had both hands on my belly and was rubbing my tummy vigorously!

I have to admit, it not only startled me – it angered me. I thought, “What the…Who does she think she is? Do I not have personal space just because I’m pregnant? Who presumes to do that?”

What was originally internal dialogue quickly turned into reaction. I reached over and started rubbing her belly. It begged the questions – when are YOU due, but I had just enough restraint to stop at patting her tummy.

So there we both were – total strangers standing in the check out line rubbing each other’s bellies.

Of course, she jumped and snatched her hands back. I smiled sweetly back at her. We left it at that.

Moral to the story – don’t touch people without permission – ever. That is invasive.

Pregnant women feel free to use this column the next time you run into a space invader. I really don’t mind spreading the word …

It seems like everyone I know is pregnant now. In fact, two of Lowcountry Parent’s regular contributors Ryan Nelson and Aya Khalil are both expecting – as well my hairdresser, this month’s “belly” cover model and long-time friend Kim Coleman.

And my great friend Lindsey Clark (who handles the Daily Deal side of Charleston Savvy Shopper over here at The Post and Courier) is going to deliver her son Owen any minute now it seems. Congratulations to my girls!

Looks like I’ll be babysitting a lot in the coming months. I am so excited!

Take Care,

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